Be Part of the First Unity Sefer Torah of Chabad of Kanata Family


  • The Torah is our most precious treasure; it is the secret of the Jewish people’s miraculous survival for 3,000-plus years of pogroms, inquisitions, war, and the Holocaust.  Every Jew, adult, and child, regardless of background or knowledge, can dedicate one of the 304,805 letters each Torah scroll contains.  In this way, he is united with all his fellow Jews with dedicated letters in the scroll.

    Protect a Soldier of the IDF

    In addition to dedicating letters to the members of your family, please dedicate one or few additional letters to a soldiers fighting evil on the front lines in the current war in Israel. Each letter sponsored for a warrior in the IDF will be dedicated to a specific soldier for his protection.
    In 1981, the Lubavitcher Rebbe stated that every soldier who has a letter dedicated in his name in the unity Torah gains spiritual ammunition that instills fear in the enemy and causes them to surrender.  That, subconsciously, the enemy fighters do not see a lone soldier but see that each soldier possesses the strength of 304,805 individuals with whom he is spiritually united.

  • $ 1800 Parashat Bereshit (Taken!)

    $ 1800  Parashat Beshalach Kriyat Yam Suf, Shira & Parashat HaMan (Taken!)

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